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7th Grade Science North Shore Middle School Work Phone: (262) 369-6767

“What I love about teaching is . . . seeing a child glow with pride, confidence, and excitement as they help describe a new concept that they just recently came to understand with another.”

Mrs. Kim Soik 7th Grade Science

Ph: 262-369-6767 X 2405 (please leave urgent messages with school secretary rather than voicemail)

I have been teaching in the Hartland-Lakeside School District since 2009, with experience as a seasonal teacher and substitute in Kettle Moraine, Hartford, and Menomonee Falls.  I attended several colleges in Wisconsin, graduating from UW-Whitewater in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Education, with Minors in General Science and Art Education. I am a committed lifelong learner, as I continue to pursue graduate credits at UWM in science education research. Prior to teaching, I hold dear my experiences working with animals and medical professionals as a Veterinary Technician for nine years.

Although I have lived in Colorado, I am a Wisconsin Native, growing up in Menomonee Falls. I currently reside in Waukesha with my tolerant husband, two darling children, and numerous pets. I would describe my comfort zone as in a zoo.

One of the coolest things about being a middle school science teacher is that you can actually witness a child’s reasoning start to come from a different part of their brain.  For the first time students are asked to contemplate really abstract ideas like molecules and energy, un-comprehendible scales, and how to deal with uncertainty.  I intend to nurture a love for science and fuel the student’s ambition to learn by striving to make the curriculum meaningful and engaging, in the hopes that they will continue to aspire to learn. By developing higher thinking skills, I hope that my students will be able to define their own idea of personal success and have the tools to achieve it.

My teaching philosophy is that many students learn best when they are actively engaged in rich learning experiences, “Doing Math or Doing Science.”  I currently teach Earth Science (Weather), Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Science through a fusion of inquiry based and project based learning units and use multiple instructional strategies and simulations to make learning as hands-on as possible. 

I allow retakes and always welcome students to come in for help.  Students can schedule time to come in before or after school on my weekly sign-up sheet located in the classroom.  If a student has missed a lab activity, I ask that they schedule to make it up within a week, so that I can arrange for lab materials to be available.

 “Create a romance with the idea of knowing.” -Alfred North Whitehead 1929

PBS: Earth From SpaceThe teacher suggested extension for this unit is to watch the PBS program Earth from Space, then state a claim made in the video and site the evidence used to support that claim.  An example of a claim might be: Warm water streaming past the coast of Africa can cause extreme weather in North America. What information in the video supports that claim?

Students are also welcomed to create his/her own extension if he/she is motivated to investigate something else that is relavent to weather.  Please present your extension idea to Mrs. Soik.


Weather lesson 1: weather eventsWhat is weather?  What kind of things make up weather? What kinds of things did you see in the video, were they weather?

National Weather ServiceThis is the website recommended by a meteorologist when charting the weather conditions.


Lesson 2.2 Conduction AnimationFrom this animation of air molecules next to a flame, tell me 2 key observations you notice about how thermal energy (heat) is spread through air molecules.


Amazing weather photosExtreme Instability has amazing weather photographs and makes a DVD all about storm chasing and how to become a storm chaser.



Online Career Aptitude TestREMEMBER, your interests and talents are still evolving!  This is just for fun!